Novità editoriale: E' stato pubblicato il libro "The Chinese economy" Recent Trends and Policy Issue

Editors Giorgio Gomel - Daniela Marconi - Ignazio Musu - Beniamino Quintieri Casa editrice Springer


1  Introduction
    Giorgio Gomel, Daniela Marconi, Ignazio Musu and
    Beniamino Quintieri
Part 1 Statistical Issue
2         Forecasting World Output: The
           Rising Importance of Emerging Asia
           Alessandro Borin, Riccardo Cristadoro, Roberto Golinelli,  
           and Giuseppe Parigi
3         Macroeconomic Developments in China:
           The Statistical Challenger
   Marco Marini and Francesco Zollino
4         Technical Efficiency and Governance: The Case of
           Giovanni Ferri, Li-Gang liu, AND Camilla Mastromarco
Part 2 Demographic Changes, Urbanization and Household Saving
5         Demographic Trends and Sustainability of the Old Age Security    
           System in China
           Enrica di Stefano
6         Urban and Rural Household Savings in China: Determinants and 
           Policy Implications
           Riccardo Cristadoro and Daniela Marconi
7         Saving Rates of Urban Households in China
           Agar Brugiavini, Guglielmo Weber, and Binzhen Wu
Part 3 China and World Trade: Challenges and Opportunities
8         The “China Effect” on EU Exports to OECD Markets: A focus on
           Giorgia Giovannetti, Marco Sanfilippo, and Margherita Velucchi
9          The Sophistication of China’s Exports, Imports and Intermediate
            Enrico Marvasi
10        Environmental Goods Trade and Technology in China
            Giovanni Foresti and Stefania Trenti
11        Trends in Private Consumption in China: The Emergence of the
            Chinese High-Icome    
            Class and Its Global Relevance
            Alessandro Gambini and Manuela Marianera
12        Are Firms Exporting to China and India Different from Other
            Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Matteo Bugamelli, Riccardo Cristadoro
            and Daniela Maggioni